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05 November 2014 @ 03:38 pm
Walk with me  
As a student and a daily commuter, I have been through the same place more than a thousand times in my life.I ride the typical jeepney, LRT and walk towards my house. Actually, I live in Cainta yet I ride the jeepney from Cubao so it could be a less cheaper. Everyday, as almost the other students who struggle in trying to get into the LRT because it's too crowded, pushing against people to fall in line with the ticket line and trying to stop jeepneys, it's too troublesome for us. Yet, I enjoy every single time of it because it is something that I can feel the same with people around me. Let me give you a sneak peek of my daily "walk" towards Gateway and Ali Mall as I travel home everyday.

First, I ride the LRT towards Cubao area and ride the "Green and Go" there. Yes, I am that lazy to walk yet I want to see more of the places while I sit there.
[Green and Go]a16

Yup, that's what people feel everytime they ride the Green and Go It's a long wait to fall in line and people are racing over who will get to sit first. Yet, of course the Senior Citizens gets the priority first to sit because it's the law and the rest, whoever gets to save a seat first. For me, I enjoy seeing and waiting patiently because it gives me the time to inhale what is my environment.

Next stop... Ali Mall. This is the place where I have to walk in and out for me to ride the Jeepney at P. Tuazon. In this place, I can feel the busy surroundings of people who are working such as the sales associates who are trying to sell whatever product they have. I can feel the hard work that they are putting just to make a sale. Pardon the picture, it was getting late when I took a picture of it and I was riding the Green and Go as I snap the photo.[Ali Mall]a15

As I walk through Ali Mall, I hear people chattering away, and trying to figure out what shop they have to go and look through next. It is quite a scene to see. In Ali Mall, I love going through my favorite shops there such as Prima Donna, Girl Shoppe, Payless and other girly stores. Yes, that's how much of a girly girl I am. :D Also, the favorite fast food store of every Filipino is out there... the McDonald's.  Thank God, quite of the shops I like are on sale so I had the chance to buy some things :D


[Prima Donna... a girl's haven]a6
As I walk through Ali Mall, I saw quite interesting shops such as a small boutique selling authentic souvenirs, even some weird foods I've never heard yet it got me quite interested. I ended up to this small shop at the corner of the 3rd floor where they have this Doctor Fish that eats your dead skin at the bottom of your feet. I ended up having to try it though it was REALLY and I mean REALLY ticklish. :D Yup, I have an accomplany with me. :D
[Doctor Fishes :D]

As I am almost near the terminal where I ride a jeepney going home, I have to make a quick stop to the food court. For me, the food court gives me an ambiance of a place where I can relax and just enjoy time to munch and indulge myself with foods. I never had a hard time trying to figure out what food to eat :D

To end this post, for me I never get tired of going through this place almost everyday of my life. I can say I know this place to the every nook and cranny of it. To others, Ali Mall is not as great as the SM Mall of Asia or even Robinson Magnolia yet to me, it's very simple and relax. Maybe because it's a "normal" scenery for me. Oh yeah! As a bonus trivia, anyone who wants to renew their passport, Depart of Foreign Affairs opened a branch in Ali Mall yet there's always a long line of people waiting so I suggest to get their early. My blog might have been quite uninteresting yet for me, I never get sick of it. I find new things from that place every day[DFA]

Tinatlx43n on December 28th, 2014 05:13 am (UTC)
Angeline!!! Its tinaaa.
I know youre busy or w.e. Sometimes I like your posts on fb
I havent been on here in ages. I seen your post so I thought I comment.
U never reply lol